What current and former clients have to say:





"I’ve been taking part in a personal training program under Tim Morris for about two and half months. It’s amazing how much these sessions have helped me all around. When I first started seeing Tim I was active but I needed help with strength training and an overall extra push. Now I can definitely see a major difference all around and can’t wait to see the changes in months ahead. I’ve also noticed changes in my daily health. Before starting this program with Tim, I used to drink a huge amount of caffeine just to get through the day. Now I don’t drink any at all and my stress level has dropped enormously. Tim also works with me on a nutrition plan, which I have stuck to and will countinue to as well. He doesn’t just train, he educates you. My end goal is to join the United States Air Force and with Tim’s help I know that’s possible."

- Nikki P., aspirations of joining the U.S.A.F.




"Working with Tim Morris has been about more than just losing weight for me.  It’s about the lifestyle and the future I want for myself and my family.  I was at a point in my life where I was overweight, unhealthy, and had stopped doing the things I loved because of how uncomfortable I was in my own body.  With Tim’s support I have learned proper nutrition and portion sizes, decreased my weight, increased my muscle mass and endurance, and become much stronger mentally than I thought I could be. As a result of our work, I am changing my future!  I have energy to play with my daughter, I am rarely sick, and those around me are motivated to make healthier choices. Whether your goal is weight loss and nutrition or training for a specific event, Tim will get you there."


- Gina M., mother of one who breaks through self-imposed barriers daily.






"We are always on the lookout for motivational speakers to help breath life into our organization. Our goal as Beachbody Coaches is to inspire as many people as possible to live their best possible life. So for our sold-out quarterly event we turned to Tim Morris to help us do just that. I had high expectations... he exceeded them beyond measure!




I can't even begin to describe what Tim's talk did for all of us! We are on fire from the inside out. Talk about giving the gift of perspective... Unbelievable! First of all, Tim is a professional. He showed up early to get to know the room, the people that would be there and the feel of how the day would play out. Even before that, he clearly did his research. He knew exactly how to connect his own story and source of motivation with what we do as Coaches. He spoke directly to each and every one of us.




I have been getting non-stop positive feedback from Tim's speech. People were moved beyond what I could have ever thought possible! Productivity skyrocketed in the weeks following having Tim as our guest and I will absolutely be inviting him back to continue to keep us motivated. He's a must for any event seeking inspiration, motivation and perspective!"


- Elizabeth H., 10 star Diamond top-ranked Elite Coach and creator of www.dropthecookie.com, wife and mother-to-be.



I have been a Health Educator at the secondary level for 34 years.  My comprehensive program is recognized statewide as a model program that encompasses informative discussions. and explores a variety of life's experiences. The programs philosophy is based on educating youth, discussing situations, and providing options.  Community professionals and presenters are a valuable asset to bring a realistic approach to students.


I became aware of Tim Morris through his Tough Mudder videos and personal experiences of people who were involved in these events.  Attitude is Everything is a persistent theme in my classes, and there is no better model of this than Tim Morris.


Tim spoke with my seniors sharing his story and the choices he has made in life. He accepts responsibility for his decisions and transcends that positive attitude in how he copes with some of the obstacles in his life.  He portrays a powerful force, and instills in students how powerful each one of us can be.  He makes the most of everyday and shares the importance of never wasting time.  Many of my students opened up to Tim and shared the obstacles they too face on a daily basis.  Tim encompasses his vision of perseverance.  He speaks freely about taking action in the present, guided by your past, and motivated by your future.


Tim will be speaking to the entire student body in the spring and share his valuable message.  What a pleasure to have him in my program!!!


- Maureen C., 34 year vet at Grafton High School (MA) and currently teaching a "Managing Your Life" course for seniors.