I offer select programs to maximize YOUR potential. I am a one-on-one or small group coach, a Spartan SGX Certified Coach, a nutrition counselor and a remote "virtual" trainer. My focus is YOU: your strengths and weaknesses, your physical progressions, your injury history, your nutrition, your safety, your ability to handle physical and emotional adversity, and your overall well-being.


Strength Coach/Trainer


Most people are looking to accomplish three things: Gain some muscle, lose some fat and have fun while you're doing it. Over any given amount of time, many people can help you do this. I have a Master's degree in the art of teaching human movement and am a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist recognized through the National Strength & Conditioning Association. In this industry, C.S.C.S. defines mastery of our craft. Using my experience, education and personality, you'll achieve your initial goals more quickly but also realize you're capable of far greater. I will influence your training and thought processes in ways other coaches are not able to.


Spartan Group X Coaching


Obstacle course racing (OCR) changes lives, plain and simple. You'll commit to a race as one person and finish that race as another. The process of deciding to step outside your comfort zone, to training for a single event or series of races and then finally throwing yourself (sometimes literally) into a day of fun, muddy physical and mental exertion is often a life-altering experience.  I became a Spartan SGX Certified Coach because the seven pillars that this organization was established on align with my own. In 2012, I got fed up with my life and decided to GO GET IT, to stop simply existing and to start living. I've since seen my world change and it's crucial that I share this experience with you.

Virtual Training/Nutrition


I'm a National Academy of Sports Medicine Fitness Nutrition Specialist who can recommend nutritional guidelines and help you grasp the concepts of a healthy diet and lifestyle. You are what you eat, literally. Your cell reproduction is dictated by what you ingest and most people often make bad decisions, harboring fat cells and perpetuating inflammation that leads to disease. Your transformation will begin as soon as we connect. I specialize in weight management, weight loss, and helping you turn the corner on your old nutritional habits that have you "in the tank". (A cyclical, dark existance that no one can really "live" in but will certainly stay comfortably miserable and settle for simply existing.)